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Stable schedule
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Station to station
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Provide professional LCL service to ensure that the goods are delivered to the destination on time
The transportation cost is only one third of air transportation, which greatly saves costs
The speed is twice that of sea transportation, suitable for products with high efficiency
Operates at a fixed time every week, without suspension in winter
GPS tracking throughout the whole journey, special container electronic safe navigation
Professional operation team, can receive goods nationwide and deliver to designated locations
Provide cargo information and requirements, and develop the fastest and most suitable logistics plan for customers
Running route
China-Europe Express trains rise against the trend
On July 6, the "Wuhan-Kiev" China-Europe train from Wuhan, China entered the Lisky Cargo Terminal in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The representatives of China and Ukraine held an event at the Lisky Cargo Terminal in Kiev on the 6th to celebrate the arrival of the first class of the Han-Europe International "Wuhan-Kiev" China-Europe train. This train is the first China-Europe train to Ukraine in Central China.
China-Europe Railway Express forms 3 transportation channels in the West and the Middle East
China-Europe Express trains rise against the trend
The first direct train from Wuhan to Ukraine to Central Europe arrives in Kiev
With the continuous advancement of the "Belt and Road" construction, my country's economic and trade exchanges with Europe and countries along the route have developed rapidly, and the demand for logistics is strong. In the past six years or so, the China-Europe Express Express has developed rapidly, with a rapid expansion of its radiation range, a gradual expansion of cargo categories, and a substantial improvement in the quality of the line. As of April 15, 2017, a total of 3,682 China-Europe Express trains have been opened, playing an important role in China-EU trade exchanges, promoting the development of China-EU non-governmental cultural exchanges, and serving the construction of the "Belt and Road".
China Railway Express face the world
The logistics organization of China-Europe freight trains is becoming more and more mature. The economic and trade exchanges of countries along the trains are becoming more active. The cooperation between railways, ports, customs and other departments between countries is getting closer. Railways will further play the role of international logistics backbone. The Silk Road will be removed from the Belt and Road strategy. The original "business road" has become an "economic belt" for industry and population agglomeration to play an important role.
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