YLT Cargo

Kuwait Special Line D2D

Focus on the Middle East freight for more than 10 years, take advantage of the company's unique advantages and resources integration, to provide you with the most distinctive special line services

Due to the complex customs, high cost and taxes in Kuwait, our company can be the agent for customs clearance, saving you time, effort, and money.

To provide you with warehousing services, can be shipped according to the orders of traders.Collection of payment for goods can help e-business customers to join the platform and open the door of Kuwait e-business for you.

The mode of transportation
In the Middle East, the YLT have opened a multi-national freight line to provide double clearing and parcel tax, and goods can be delivered directly to the door.It saves the client a lot of time
YLT to provide customers with shipping services to ensure timely loading of containers, full-process order tracking
YLT provides customers with cargo clearance and export transshipment, warehousing and charter through services
Truck delivery
YLT tailor-made local delivery service for customers

Air Transport ——


Kuwait D2D route
Advantages of team

There are YLT teams at home and abroad to provide you with one-to-one consulting services


Go straight to Kuwait

Keep the container closed to ensure the safety of the goods

One-on-one counseling

One to one salesman communication

Provide the best service

Direct channel

China quickly spelt out nine middle eastern countries

Keep the container closed to ensure the safety of the goods

Kuwait warehouse

Multiple warehouses are located in Kuwait

To provide cargo storage for the Kuwait e-commerce platform

Best time

The air transport

Direct destination

Kuwait line advantage

It has its own customs

clearance license

Special customs clearance channels

Kuwait overseas holdings

Visual storage

Local team

Multi-channel delivery

Kuwait parcel service

Safe and fast customs clearance

Contact number
Contact via mail
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